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Prismatic Dreams PRO Live Wallpaper for Android (click here for the free version)

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"Prismatic Dreams, the place where abstract math, art, and inspiration collide. In this space, colors are vivid, visually ever shifting, and always mesmerizing."

The project / live wall paper "Prismatic Dreams", stems from my own passion for abstract art. I love creating procedural art, and I definitely wanted to get it out there for the world to see. This live wall paper is the framework through which these designs and animations serendipitously come alive.

The pro version is loaded with 10 HD custom designed backgrounds and 5 custom designed animations. That's just the start though, because each weekend I devote a few hours of my time to designing NEW content, and uploading it to a web server that the live wall paper interacts with and downloads from, if you so chose.


  1. Free weekly content updates!
  2. Dragable Color shift speed slider
  3. Selectable blending Mode dropdown
  4. Selectable animation speed dropdown
  5. Manual background selection list
  6. Manual background selection list
  7. Manual animation selection list
  8. Auto Mode : When checked, this is basically shuffle mode for your wallpaper settings. Changes every 24 hours (at 5 am)
  9. Auto Content Updating Mode : Manually check for updates, or let it check on auto every morning (at 5 am)
  10. Delete older Content Limit : Automatically manages the size of your extendable collection by keeping only the latest backgrounds. Set it to 0 to keep them all.
  11. Color shift quickens during swype. (Feature not compatible with galaxy s3, and s4, with some launchers)
  12. "Clear" button for deleting all manually downloaded content. Great for starting from scratch if you have too much(Is that even possible?!).

Anyways, thats Prismatic Dreams in a nutshell. I hope you're intrigued, and if so check out the free version first to make sure it works on your device, and to make sure its for you!

Free version is feature restricted, and content restricted. It's designed to give you a taste of what the pro version offers and gives you 2 backgrounds, and 1 animation.